My Story


I am Sylvie Kajuru.

What can I tell you about myself?

I am a caring parent just like you... on a mission to live my life to the fullest, like the quote of St. Irenaeus says:

“The glory of God is man fully alive”

I really, I mean, really love that quote, but when I read it, this is what I hear:

“The glory of God is Sylvie fully alive”, “The glory of God is Mother fully alive”, “The glory of God is your name here fully alive”.

That’s my mission. That’s the reason for Anything motherhood. To help mothers live their motherhood fully. No matter where they are.

I grew up in France, spent my early adult life in the beautiful DRC, ex Zaire, and I currently live in Maryland, where my husband and I raise our 7 children.


Over the last twenty years, I have worked in banking, and in education, in public university and in private school. I have worked from home, and invested in real estate.  I have failed miserably at some ventures, and I have enjoyed some successes at others. Wherever I have lived, I have been proud to call it home, pursue my dreams, and tried my best to make it a better place in the process.

Many years ago, I graduated from the Johns Hopkins University school of Education. I was also a faculty at Towson University and the University of Maryland University College where I taught French or Mathematics.


I know you have a dream, I know you have something special that only you can accomplish on this earth.

It starts with your unique family: you are the only one who can guide them, as a mother does, to reach their full potential. 

But it does not stop there.  At work, or in your business, with your friends or your extended family, only YOU can bring your gifts to the people you love, serve and work with.

Are you conscious of that? Do you cultivate that gift? Do you share it?

My personal gift is two-fold:

  • to provide workshops, downloads, and online course to help us re-frame, re-think, re-define our motherhood in harmony with our God given nature, our circumstances, and our deepest dreams. 

  • to build an empowering community of mothers who believe deeply in our mission.


The vision, the dreams, the purpose I have for you, my dear mothers, is that by reading, studying, analyzing the ideas, principles, shared within Anything Motherhood, you will sift through it, filter what resonates with you, and then take the Inspired Actions.

Actions that are aligned with yourself, your values, your unique situation.

Actions that will help your family live according to its identity.       

Actions that will help you have a united family.

Actions that will make you live your life fully and give glory to God.

Let's do this together.

Sylvie Kajuru

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Three generations of mothers and future mothers...
in front of Paris' Cathedrale Notre Dame.