Guiding mothers to re-claim their motherhood,

for the sake of their children

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I love, I really, really love  this section of my website. I believe that what Socrates said is crucial in the life of mothers:

"An unexamined life is not worth living


That's why every mother needs a mental space, a place where she actually pauses and examines her life, her actions, herself.

A place where she digs, re-thinks, re-frames, re-align her thoughts.

A place where she boldly makes decisions that are aligned, in tune, in sync with herself and her family.

This is the place where Anything Motherhood does it with you.

Our first workshop is ready!

So, as you know, Mother Day is fast approaching, or just happened, depending on where you are in the world.


We offer you a workshop that will rock your mind, literally! You may cry, you may laugh, or both.

Our Goal: to help you take back your motherhood!


One thing is sure, you will see your Motherhood in a brand new light.

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What's the workshop about?

"An unexamined life is not worth living" Socrates.

And I add:

"It would be foolish to celebrate Mother Day if you never take the time to examine your motherhood" Sylvie Kajuru.
We both know that, as much as we want to, we, busy mothers, rarely take the time to pause, examine, re-think, re-frame, and re-assess our motherhood. 
It's not that we don't care or value self-examination, rather we are so busy taking care of children, husband, house, work, activities, and sometimes parents, that we don't remember to schedule and take the time to examine our life.
Unfortunately, we usually get about 18 years of direct active motherhood: you know, that period of time when our kids live in the same house, and depend on us for most of their wants and needs. After that period, most of the children live the house and motherhood shifts to a period of indirect active motherhood, where our influence is reduced, at least at the practical level.
That's not the worst, the worst is that as of today, as you read these lines, you probably have only 10 years or less left before your children leave home for college. 
Personally, when I came to realize that, I panicked.....I freaked out. 



Because I was not living "my motherhood", I was not fulfilling Sylvie’s motherhood.
Don’t get me wrong, my motherhood was OK, you know, decent, but it was not great, not intentional, not completely aligned to my vision, or my family's identity, it was not mine.


I had fallen into the routine of letting circumstances rule, and I was literally running out of time...
 That's where the Pre/Post Mother Day workshop comes into play.

 It's the tool that I used and use to pause and examine my motherhood. 

It helps me think and consider some aspects that may escape me when going through daily life, and it helps me make resolutions that are practical but inspired.


It's deep and direct, straight to the point and genuine, practical and spiritual at the same time. I designed it for you and me.
 I know deep down in me that I am supposed to share this tool with mothers all over the world. I also know that you will pause your life, and take a couple of hours to examine your motherhood.


I guarantee that if you give it a sincere try, it will help you fall in love with your motherhood again.