Guiding mothers to achieve real-life balance using

Self-Examination and Inspired Actions.

Let's re-claim our motherhood for the sake of our children

Mother, this maybe the first and last time you see my website. 


It may also be the first and last time you are offered a tools to boldly examine your motherhood, and to take inspired actions.

Don't miss this opportunity,

Children grow so quickly,

Soon, it will be too late.

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Meet Sylvie

Hi! I'm Sylvie Kajuru. Many years ago, I decided to stop regretting, complaining, and whining about the challenges of motherhood.

Instead, I chose to do whatever it takes to fall back in love with it. 

I set out on a journey of re-framing, re-thinking, re-defining "my own motherhood",  and today I share everything I know, have, and find with you.

Anything Motherhood provides  workshop, downloads, or online course to, not just support or guide us, mothers, but to help you and I fall back in love with our most beautiful job: motherhood.

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