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Here are the 4 questions survey for you.

It will take you less than 2 minutes, I promise.

Read each question, and answer with a simple YES or NO.

Let's get started

Question #1​

In the last 3 years, have you made a retreat, or taken a workshop/day of reflection to reflect on your own personal motherhood?

YES or NO.

Question #2

When working outside your home as a professional, could you see yourself being the best at what you do without regular training, reflection or review?

YES or NO.

Question #3

Do you have a clearly written defined vision of what your motherhood goals are for 2019-2020 year, for the next 5 years, or for your overall motherhood?

YES or NO.

Question #4

Is there anything that is more important than your children and their well being?

YES or NO.

You're done with the survey, great! it took you less than 2 minutes, as promised.

Now let's look at the results.

If you responded NO to 3 out of the 4 questions you probably started to think what I am thinking.

It may be time to do a Motherhood retreat, to pause and reflect on your motherhood.

I know what you are thinking.

"But,...I have no time,

I'm way too busy,

I'm working long hours,

I can't take off,

what's a motherhood retreat anyway?


You are absolutely right, it's probably very challenging to plan, and take the time to pause for a few days, a weekend, or just a few hours, to reflect on your motherhood.


But can you afford, not to?

Can you afford not to care for the only mother your children have?

Can you afford to just try to be a good mom, without actually setting some specifics, tangible goals, actions items?

Can you afford to mother your children without using all your motherhood powers?

Can you afford to keep doing what you have been doing until your children go to college and realize later that it's kind of too late, they are gone?

You know the answer:


And, I know exactly how you feel.


I went through the same process a few months ago.

I had not done a motherhood retreat since 2015, and I had to face it:

I was a mess.

I felt that the myth of "work/life balance" was more in favor of work than my life.

I felt that I was sometimes present, but at the same distant from my children.

I felt that I was mothering my children following a model that was not aligned to my deep, personal dreams.

I felt like motherhood was almost a high level competition trying to keep up with the expectations of the culture, the extended family, the media, but not my own. 

Until I took my own

Motherhood Workshop

 So, if you are ready to take the time to reflect on your motherhood, I am offering you 3 options. 3 opportunities, 3 chances.

Remember, the most important thing is that you choose one, just one and actually do it.


Option #1​:

Design your own Motherhood retreat/workshop.

Set a 2 to 3 hours window in the coming weeks, and plan a reflection. Do it alone or with a girlfriend, preferably away from home, or when your husband is not with you. The morning is a good time, because you are fresh and the energy of the sunrise can work some magic.

Gather a set of questions, or aspects of your life that you will examine. Have a journal, and you're good to go! I know you can do it.


  • Free

  • you can take it alone or with a friend

  • you pick when and where

  • you pick the general theme by choosing the questions


  • you will probably use questions that you have already considered multiple time in your head and not have exterior insights  

  • you have no incentive to actually do it


Option #2​:

Do a GOOGLE/BING/AMAZON search, and find a retreat

I can't imagine that there are no retreats available for mothers, you may have to  be creative with the keywords, but I am sure that you can find a good retreat/workshop for mothers.

Again, the most important thing is that you do one.


  • Free or paid it depends

  • you can also take it alone or with a friend

  • you select the one that fits your style


  • the usual risk of purchasing a program online 


Option #3​:

Purchase my Anything Motherhood's workshop.

Access a proven workshop that was designed by me, Sylvie.

I am  a working mother of 7 children between the age of 7 and 19. I homeschooled my children for 8 years

I have a very wide, but deep perspective on motherhood from living in three different continents (my insights can literally shifts your mind, and/or make you cry)

I am also a teacher, so the structure is easy to follow, the flow is logical, and my work is heart inspired


  • Prompt and deep reflection questions

  • You will be able to define a clearer vision for not only each of your children, but for your family in general

  • You will get a refreshed outlook on your motherhood, and get closer to the "best mother" you dream of being

  • you will get a better awareness of your motherhood powers, and graces

  • It's easy to digest, it's about 40 minutes of material, that you can reflect on for days, or hours, it's totally up to you

  • you can take it as many time as you want, it's yours for life

  • you can take it anywhere, you can even download it

  • because you pay, you have a strong incentive to complete it

  • you pick when and where to do it

  • because you are the first cohort, you pay the lowest price it will ever be

  • This offer is only available for Back to School season 


  • because you will be the first cohort, you are taking a reasonable risk, (very limited risk, because we offer a 100%  refund guarantee within 15 day of purchase)

  • You may not know me and my style may not fit you

  • lastly, you may never be the same after the workshop, you may have to step out of your comfort zone make drastic changes to your life. If you like where you are right now, I advise that you pass this offer

Are you ready to take a Motherhood retreat/workshop?


Karen Rodriguez Picture_edited.png


From the YouTube Channel: Our House

I'm so glad I took it. At times, it made me cry. They were so many things that I realized that I hadn't really taken the time to think thru...

There is a lot of benefits to sit down and really think thru the questions that Sylvie presents to us and formulate a game plan.

It gives me a lot more confidence in my motherhood

Happy Family



I really liked the workshop, I was very impressed by its content. I have been not only inspired, but also motivated. I have always wanted to write a book, and now I actually feel like I can do it. Thank you.

Not pictured


Who is the workshop for?

Whether you are a regular gal from Alabama, or a TV star in Hollywood, when it comes to motherhood, we can all connect. 
We can share stories of long labor, the first smile, or moody teenagers.
That's why the workshop is  for any mother who is still raising her children at home, preferably past the intense diapers, no sleep phase, but before the late high school years. 
As long as you care to pause, consider, examine your motherhood, this workshop is for you.

What do I need to have the best experience with this workshop?

You will benefit from the workshop if you have 

  • An open mind, 

  • An open heart,

  • An open will

  • A journal and a pen to keep your reflections, and resolutions.

At least 45 minutes to an hour  for the first run (you'll probably do it more than once)

I'm super busy, what if I don't have time to complete the work?

I would say, the busier you are, the sooner you NEED to take and complete the workshop. That's exactly what we talked about, we mother are so busy that we sometimes neglect ourselves to the point of neglecting important aspect of our motherhood.  Don't delay, take it now. Your children deserve the best you.

I am back and forth on whether I should take the workshop now, what should I do? After all, I don't even know you.

You are right!

We basically just met through the ad, and you may have never heard of me before. But I can tell you, you will hear from me again, because I am on a mission to empower the Mother in you, to re-ignite your powers, and help you be the mother your children deserve, and nothing else.

Honestly, just listen to yourself, deep down you know, you know, you absolutely know if this is for you or not.

You can feel it.
You know, if you have been looking for answers to profound questions about your motherhood. 

You know if your current lifestyle helps you be the best mother you can be, if not, you know you have to pause, reflect and this workshop may be the answer to your prayers.

You know if my voice rings a bell in your heart, and if my words resonate in you.

You also know if nothing moves in you, and you just have to go your way....
Just listen to yourself, and decide. 

The offer is only available for a limited time. 

I am not sure about the price, how can I justify this decision to myself, or even my husband? Is the workshop worth it?

I am glad you ask. There are many ways to think about it, but the simplest and quickest way to consider the price is to look at the value you get for what you pay.
Ask yourself the question? Is a workshop to help me pause, reflect and possibly become a better mother to my children, is that workshop worth more than the price of a prom dress, with shoes, make up, limo, pictures, and the prom ticket? Is it worth more than $500, or even $700?

Probably YES.

Does it cost more than a prom? NO.

That's how I would look at it.

What if I want to work one on one with you, are you available and do you have any packages that one can sign up for?

I actually do, however my availability is very, very limited. At any given time, I have at most 3 individual clients. 

Email me to get my Questionnaire to see if we would be a good pair to work together on making you the mother your children deserve, then we will go from there.

For how long do I have access to the workshop after I purchase it?

I would say forever, as long as you keep your downloadable files 

What's included in the workshop?

As soon as you purchase the workshop, you get access to 

  • an audio-guided reflection that leads you through some important considerations on motherhood. On one side don't worry, it's less than 40 minutes, but on the other side, be prepared because it's heavy, with lots of deep questions. It can take you more than 1 hour to finish with pauses and self-reflections. It is downloadable so you can access it from any devices at any time

  • a downloadable workbook to use as a journal if you prefer to journal with guidance and prompts rather than from a blank page

Who is the workshop not for?

That's an easy question!
If you are a mother and consider that everything in your motherhood is going exactly as you always dreamt it would be, this workshop is not for you.
If you already have a clear vision of the kind of adults you are raising, and have already figured out how to accomplish that, this workshop is not for you.
Finally, if you honestly believe that your most important job is not your motherhood, this workshop is definitely not for you.

What's your refund policy>

I can't guarantee that you will love the workshop, but I would be very, very surprise if you don't benefit from it. In any case, if you are not satisfied, within 15 days of purchase, email us and we will refund  100%. Our contact information is sylvie@anythingmotherhood.com

Are you ready to take the Mother Day workshop?

I will meet you on the other side!