Whose life are you living?

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

If you are satisfied with where you are in life, I suggest you step aside for the man or woman who is not. A. G. Gaston.

What a strange title.

You may be quick to answer: I am living mine, of course.

But when you take the time to really think about it, are you? Really?

Are you really leaving YOUR life. According to your values and priorities, aligned with your faith, your hopes, your dreams, your circumstances, and your God-given talents?

Are you taking actions daily that you know are getting you closer to your greater purpose? Do you even know your greater purpose? I will give you a clue: look at your current circumstances and your Creator.

Why am I asking this question?

I am asking this question because in the past, I have found myself living a life that was not mine. I was doing the right thing: working, taking care of my family, socializing … but it was not geared towards my greater purpose.

I was functioning in a model that was great for my boss, I was producing great results and delivering a fantastic service, but it was not aligned with my circumstances.

At the time I was an online Math faculty for an American university. I was literally chained to a computer. It was awful. I was “working from home” but I was totally absent for hours beyond the normal 9 to 5.

I hated it. To make it better, the pay was the equivalent of less than $10 per hour. I should have gotten a part time at home depot, instead. (Because I love home improvement, I would at least have enjoyed the work)

For me it was clear that I was not living my life, not my professional life.

For you, it may be that you are living someone else’s life in the financial life: you would know if you notice that the way you earn money does not satisfy you, it even makes you miserable. Or the way you spend, borrow, save, or expand it.

It could be that you are living someone else's social or spiritual life. Constantly comparing yourself and feeling unhappy. Making choices to look "normal", and fearing the opinion of others on matter of personal opinions.

It is worth taking a break and examining ourselves.

If you think there are some areas of your life that don't seem right, or where you feel that you are doing just OK, it’s time to pause, and reassess.

Go on a retreat, take a weekend off, do something to re-evaluate

You are not living to your potential, and you will not realize the mission, the dreams that God planted inside of you. You will not be happy.

And to tell you the truth, given that our circumstances change regularly, we all have to take a break and reassess on a regular basis. The problem becomes serious when we fall into someone else’s model, or when we follow the majority, and literally miss out on our calling.

So again, take a break, reassess, and start preparing a re-alignment of the way you use your time and your talents. Don’t believe that money, trends, or the media determine what actions you should take, what decisions you should make.


Instead, if you are where you are supposed to be, doing what you are supposed to do, making a difference in a way that only you can do it, Providence will provide more than what you need to support you, your family, and the ones you care about.

And you will be happy, your family will be happier, and the world will literally be a better place.