After teaching, raising, and educating children and adults for about 20 years, and after spending tons of resources in the process, I find myself questioning the point of all those efforts.

Especially when we see that as a society, our children are less happier than 50 years ago.

Some of our children are

  • not happy to go school,
  •  not happy after they find a job and start a career,
  • not happy in corporate America
  • not happy with their life in general

Other who manage to do the “right thing, study hard, get a good job, and settle

  • have lost their sense of wonder
  • have lost their sense of curiosity,
  • have lost their craving for learning, their inner joy….

They are just going through the motion.

Very few children become happy adults, who love life, have a sparkle in their eyes, enjoy their profession, and would say that they are living their dreams

What happened?

What did we do wrong? Did we miss anything?

Our children were entrusted to us innocent, open, ready to eat life, to be happy and to share their gifts, and talents.

Maybe we missed the mark in the “education” process, in the preparation for the world.

In this workshop, I answer one of the most important question a mother, a parent must answer:

What is a good education? What criteria do I choose to determine that  my child has received a good education.

I believe the answer to that question, determines whether or not our children will be happy and fulfilled, or just living life …

Like all the other workshop and mind refreshers, I know deep down in me that I am supposed to share this tool with mothers all over the world. I also know that you will pause your life, and take a couple of hours to answer that question for your family. 

I guarantee that if you give it a sincere try, it will help you make choices that are aligned with your philosophy, in sync with your beliefs, and possibly raise children that are  happier.

What is a good education for our children (Nothing to do with an IVY League)

  • I answer one of the most important question a mother (a parent) has to answer as she navigates the choices to give her children a "Good Education".

    I do it after years of consideration, years of teaching my own children as a homeschooling mom, years teaching as a public and private school Math teacher, years as a Community College and University professor. But more importantly, I do it as a mother who cares and is willing to do anything for the total well being of her children: for their mind, their body, and their soul.

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